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Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a thin layer of stone (less than one inch thick) that looks like stone, but does not require the structural supports required by natural stone. With stone veneer, you can transform your brick-faced chimney, walkway, or home exterior into an admired centerpiece.


Lighter and less expensive than natural stone, cultured stone veneer enhances visual appeal without the awkward heft that makes genuine stone so difficult to work with. Stone veneer can be made from natural stone or can be manufactured with concrete that is painted to resemble stone. Stone veneer is applied in the same way natural stone is applied, with manual placement of stones, allowing for an artistic and unique product every time.


Stone veneer can be used in many areas inside and outside the home, to cover walls, surface chimneys, or add curb appeal to outdoor walls and steps. New building projects gain added value when you finish them off with an attractive layer of stone veneer.


Older chimneys often become chipped and broken over time. Chips and breaks compromise the strength and visual appeal of your brick work and are a precursor to loose or missing bricks. By fortifying brick-faced surfaces with stone veneer, you add years to the life of your structure and value to your home.



New Construction

New masonry can bring fresh inspiration to your home, whether you are creating an outdoor space for seasonal enjoyment or utility, building a fireplace or masonry heater for more environmentally friendly winter heating, or creating a more welcoming entryway for visitors.


Brick, block, stone, or tile; the natural appeal of masonry blends with the New England landscape and soothes the senses. Artistry and craftsmanship come together in the creation of patios, fireplaces, chimneys, and walkways that offer long-lasting functionality and timeless beauty.




Make your house a home with a new fireplace that calms the soul as it warms the body. Fireplaces provide much more than heat. They provide flickering natural light that lulls the mind away from worry and they remind us of our ancestral love of community and sharing.


There are many choices for the modern fireplace, so your imagination can soar with designs that range from classic to contemporary, with energy efficient options that offer less heat loss and more protection against smoke and dust.




The safety of your house can be compromised by old and unmaintained chimneys. If your chimney has deteriorated, it may be time to build new.


New chimneys can be built with a variety of materials, including stone, block, or brick. Built new, with terra cotta flue tiles, your chimney can last as long as thirty or forty years. With proper care and regular maintenance, it may last longer than that. Click here for more Chimney services.



To Re-point, or Not to Re-Point


Re-pointing is a technique used to repair the joints between the bricks or stones of a chimney. Repointing involves grinding the mortar approximately one inch back and replacing with new mortar.


We are often asked whether it is better to repair a damaged chimney or rebuild. Our answer varies, depending on the amount of damage. Re-pointing is useful when one or two joints have been damaged. However, it is often safer and more cost effective to rebuild a chimney that has suffered extensive chips, breaks, or joint damage.



Masonry Projects

At Valley Masonry, we believe that quality masonry has the power to change lives. Beautiful, longlasting, and classic, masonry structures like sitting walls, retaining walls, walkways, terraces, and patios add charm and comfort to indoor and outdoor spaces.


Valley Masonry uses the landscape to shape your dreams into a functional and elegant masonry piece that enhances your home’s décor and value. Each project is driven by your dreams, so you choose the masonry products and tell us what you need or want. Whether you are trying to prevent erosion on your property with a retaining wall or hoping to develop a patio in your backyard, Valley Masonry will develop your dreams using techniques that ensure a long-lasting and beautiful product.


Masonry Heaters or Russian Fireplaces


Warm your house from its heart with a Russian fireplace or masonry heater. These efficient heaters are as exquisite in design as they are in appearance. At the center of your home, a masonry heater becomes an admired centerpiece, which can be constructed to include built-in seating for cozy lounging or extra shelving or wood storage, depending on your tastes.


Masonry heaters are built with dense stone, like granite or marble, to hold the heat before radiating it into the home. A flash fire heats the air in the firebox, which then travels through a series of tubes inside the masonry structure before leaving through the chimney. One small fire can heat the home for eight or nine hours.


With masonry heater technology, you can create a hot fire without worrying that the house will heat too quickly. Wood is most efficient when it is burned hot. When burned slowly, wood does not burn completely and causes tar buildup and atmospheric pollutants.

Outdoor Kitchens

The summer months are meant to be enjoyed out of doors. Enhance your summer evenings by enjoying the evening outdoors, cooking in the company of your family. There are no boundaries when it comes to outdoor stone work. You pick out the materials and Valley Masonry will help you design a kitchen that meets your needs for beauty, utility, and enjoyment.

Walkways and Patios

Masonry walkways and patios raise the value of your property and boost its curb appeal. Durable and attractive, your new walkway or patio can be constructed of any material that appeals to you. Whether it is constructed of brick, concrete, or any variety of stone, Valley Masonry will build your walkway or patio so that it outlasts all others. We guarantee long lasting walkways and patios because we start below ground level, preparing the earth with stone and proper drainage to ward off frost heaves so that your outdoor masonry projects remain attractive and useful for a long time.

Stone Wall Reconstruction

The twin states are known for their stone walls, which were largely used to collect the stones pulled from the rocky soil as properties and fields were developed. Valley Masonry can help you reconstruct your stone walls and return them to their original shape.

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