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Michael Hooker - Stone Mason

1986 – Just seventeen, I was already into my first masonry project. My first job was for my mother, of course; a slate patio with stone sitting walls. My mother had been struggling to sell the house for a while, but one of her potential buyers returned a month after the masonry was completed and loved the patio addition enough to buy the house.


My conclusion: I had a masonry talent that people appreciated and that they were willing to invest in.


1987 – The Army Reserves captured me for two years. I enlisted as a carpentry/masonry specialist


1989 – I worked as a mason tender for a local mason. A mason tender is an assistant to the mason. As a tender, I was responsible for stocking supplies, building scaffolding, mixing mortar, cutting masonry, and general cleaning.


1990 – I began an apprenticeship, where I worked with new chimneys, fireplaces, brick steps, bluestone patios, brick patios, brick hearths for woodstoves, block foundations, and block bulkheads.


1994 –I worked with a local stone company, building all of the same structures I was used to building, but with stone. The work I did with this local stone company reminded me how much I loved working with stone. The stone work we did was looked at as an art, rather than as construction.


1996 – I was offered a job with a commercial masonry company. The commercial company provided me a chance to work in schools, municipal buildings, and multiple-story office buildings. I worked with the commercial crew for nearly four years before the economy took a dip in 2000 and commercial work became scarce.


2000 – My first jump into business ownership, I started Stage Road Stoneworks, which I owned and operated for two years, building stone fireplaces, stone walls, retaining walls, and patios. I ran the company until 2002, when I suffered a back injury.


2003 – Commercial work had revived and was booming, with Boston companies offering double the pay of similar businesses in the Upper Valley. While in Boston I joined the Union and worked out of Local 3 Boston for the next four years.


2007 – Gas prices had spiked and the economy was slowing again, work in the city was drying up and it was becoming far too expensive to travel that far. I returned home and took on a mix of commercial and residential work.


2012 – I established Valley Masonry, a company dedicated to offering high quality masonry and stone artistry to home owners in the Upper Valley.


2013 – Received CCS (Certified Chimney Sweep) Credential from the Chimney Safety Institute of America



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Michael Hooker

Owner, Stone Mason

Masonry talent that people appreciate and are willing to invest in. Transform your home for the long-lasting beauty you're looking for.

“After completely renovating our house and changing the attached garage into our main entrance we weren’t sure how to finish off the new exterior. Because ours is a log cabin home, we quickly realized that matching new logs to the existing ones was going to be impossible. We were considering some kind of stone work so I called Mike. He came right over, checked out the space, offered suggestions, and was able to work within our budget. Two weeks later the job was completed and the result was a beautiful new stone entryway that we just love!”

- Lisa Jack, Lebanon, NH

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